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The company Mibra d.o.o. was founded by Milena and Branko Vračko in 1992. At that time it was basically founded as a trading company for the purpose of selling quality steel for the needs of the Maribor industrial pool industry, the metal processing industry, which, after the collapse of the former Yugoslav market, operated on the ashes of former companies. TAM, Metalna, Boris Kidrič...


As the need for stainless materials for newly founded companies and the existing industry increased, Mibra d.o.o. also followed this development and ranked among the top suppliers for stainless materials and aluminium. With a fair and partnership oriented relationship with our customers, whom we continue to work with to this very day, it has grown from two employees to more than 50 employees. The company has equipped itself with newly constructed facilities, storage facilities and equipment for storage furnishing and material cutting. Working with companies in the pharmaceutical, gastronomic, chemical and food industries has led the company to adapt to demanding customers, thereby meeting the high standards of retailing and wholesale of stainless materials and aluminium.


In 2003, it obtained the ISO 9001: 2000 certification and also meets other high standard standards.


It expanded its sales market to the territory of Serbia with the co-founding of a company of owners in this country. The owners also set up a business in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. This increased sales to the southern markets and further added to the company's development.


This made Mibra competitive in this area in terms of quality and quantity because it is considered to be a reliable and correct partner for the sale of stainless materials and aluminium.


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